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"Too much work and no play make Jack a dull boy."  You probably have heard this saying in your younger days in elementary school.  The words in the saying do not necessarily have to be interpreted literally.  Depending on any appropriate context, you can suitably use the words to refer to having a stay-away time from all the hard work and day-to-day hustles.  It is always useful to find some time to enjoy your hard earned money in the best way you can imagine, of course without being too foolishly wasteful.  If you haven't ever thought about camping, then you are having being missing real fun and adventure. View website here



So, what is camping?  For the majority of people, when asked that question, they automatically envision some school kids going on scouting camp or some teenagers retreating to a guidance & counseling seminar camp.  They are very far from the real meaning of camping.  Those two familiar scenarios are just some of the examples of camping.  In layman's language, camping can be described as an outdoor recreational/leisure activity that involves spending the night(s) away from home by sleeping in some easy-to-erect shelters such as tents.  It is like trying to have fun and hardship at the same time away from the comfort of your home.


You don't have to subject yourself to extreme hardship while camping.  On the contrary, by ensuring that you have all the essential equipment, you will enjoy camping.  One of the most notable and probably the most important thing to consider on your camping trip is a waterproof tent.  Canvas happens to be the best choice for most people because it is tough, waterproof and resilient to extreme weather conditions.  With a good tent in place, you can add some glamor and a bit of sophistication to your camping experience in a process tailored to glamping vacation.  Glamping is a term coined from two words: Glamor and Camping.  If you "mix" them you get glamping.  Therefore, glamping is a form of camping where you blend nature and modern luxury on a camping trip.  There are numerous glamping types for you to choose from depending on your taste and what you want to experience.  Some few notable examples of glamping are tented cabins, igloos, tree houses, barns, safari tents, caves, bell tents, tented huts, etc.  This list is very long, and it can go on-and-on.  So, if you want to enjoy nature, have fun, and experience luxury in your camping tour, glamping is the best for you. More about us